Skin concern

The natural skin lipid structure is responsible for protecting the skin against external aggressors while simultaneously sealing in hydration for proper moisture levels. When this lipid structure becomes compromised due to genetics, illness, or external damage - the skin is unable to properly protect and hydrate itself. The result? Dry, sensitive, irritated and unhealthy skin.

  • Best Skincare for mature skin

    Aged skin

    The woes of aged skin are well-known. The good news is that by targeting the root cause of premature signs of skin aging — dry skin — you can reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging, and even prevent new ones from appearing.

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  • Korean skincare for dry skin

    Dry skin

    The woes of dry skin are well-known: flaking, itching, burning, peeling. Dry and aging skin are one in the same. If your skin is dry, you lose the plumpness of youth.

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  • Korean skincare for oily skin

    Oily, combination prone skin

    Oily prone skin can have many root causes, but there's one thing that can be agreed on, oily skin still needs moisture. One of the biggest mistakes you can make for your oily skin is shying away from moisturisers because they feel too heavy or greasy. 

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Best Korean skincare for eczema

Dermatitis (or eczema)

Red, itchy & scaly skin

Dermatitis (or eczema) is a general medical term that describes various skin conditions that cause itching, blisters, redness, swelling, and often oozing, scabbing and scaling. Eczema can affect people of all ages, from newborns to adults in their later years. Discover the best dermatologist tested eczema skincare from calming cleansers and hydrating serums to soothing moisturisers.

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