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Daily moisturisers offer a surprising variety of benefits, making them a crucial step in any good skincare routine.  They help to keep your skin hydrated, plump, and protected from the elements.  Proper hydration gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow.  We offer the best Korean face and body moisturisers with ceramides that are non-greasy and quickly absorbed, creating softer and suppler skin.  Whether you suffer from dry skin, cracked skin needing additional hydration or sensitive, oily, or irritated troubled skin like eczema or rosacea - we have a range of different moisturisers with speciality ingredients to hydrate your skin, and improve the overall health of your skin.
  • Good face moisturiser for dry skin

    Moisturisers for dry skin

    Dry skin can feel uncomfortable, itchy, and even painful. Using a good moisturiser for dry skin can tackle these issues and offer a range of benefits. Dry skin often has a compromised skin barrier, meaning it loses moisture more easily. Our moisturisers contain ceramides which can help to repair and strengthen the skin barrier.

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  • Best moisturiser for oily skin

    Moisturisers for oily skin

    You might be surprised to learn that moisturising is actually crucial even for oily skin. While oily skin produces excess sebum (oil), it can also lack moisture. This imbalance can lead to increased oil production as the skin tries to compensate for the dryness. Our speciality light-weight and non-comedogenic Korean gel moisturiser is perfect for oily skin.

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  • Best moisturisers for ultra sensitive skin

    Moisturisers for sensitive skin

    Sensitive skin often has a weakened skin barrier, which makes it more susceptible to irritation. Our dermatologist tested moisturisers for sensitive skin are gentle and non-irritating, leading to less sensitivity and a more healthy appearance. They contain speciality ingredients that help to strengthen the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss.

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