What is Multi-Lamellar Emulsion (MLE)

Multi-Lamellar Emulsion, or MLE for short is an patented oil-in-water emulsion.

The natural skin lipid structure is responsible for protecting the skin against external aggressors while simultaneously sealing in hydration for proper moisture levels.  When this lipid structure becomes compromised due to genetics, illness, or external damage - the skin is unable to properly protect and hydrate itself. The result? Dry, sensitive and unhealthy skin.

If you look at the MLE formula under a microscope, you would see a special cross pattern that is identical to the pattern of the natural lipid layer of healthy skin. That’s the patented Maltese Formula platform skin barrier technology (multi-lamellar emulsion technology (MLE)), designed to flawlessly mimic healthy skin’s natural lamellar lipid.

Once applied, our ingredient’s cross pattern actually takes the place of the damaged lipid layer “tricking” the skin into thinking the healthy lipid layer has been naturally restored. This begins the natural process of your skin self protecting and hydrating - resulting in clearer, healthier, brighter skin.

ATOPALM is one of the very few brands that actually works without causing extra irritation. This is because of MLE’s plant-derived fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol, all which the body recognizes as its own. On top of helping the skin protect and hydrate itself once again, MLE also aids dry, sensitive skin that is mild and safe enough for babies but powerful and effective for even the most severe adult skin conditions.

Since ATOPALM's birth, we have created other lines, including ZEROID. This brand is an even more advanced line of products containing our MLE technology and patented dual ceramides.

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