Best Korean Face Cleansers

Importance of cleansing

The perfect skincare routine starts with the perfect cleanser. Using a daily face cleanser helps keep the skin clean and nourished, providing the perfect base for your entire skincare routine.  This allows your other skincare products to become more effective. 

To ensure your skin is at its best, you need to find the best cleanser for your skin  type be that dry, oily, combination, irritated acne prone or mature. 

What Are Cleansers?

The aim of a face cleanser is to primarily cleanse the face. This is an essential part of any skincare routine as it removes all the grime, pollution, makeup and bacteria off the skin.  If you don’t cleanse your face this could lead to clogged pores and preventing other products from working.

Facial cleansers come in a range of different forms like foam, balm, oil and gel cleansers but the most important tip is finding what cleanser works best for your skin type.

How Often Should I Cleanse?

You should cleanse your face every morning before applying any extra products to not only prep the skin for the rest of your routine and makeup but also to remove any dirt from the night. Our pillow cases collect lots of bacteria from our skin and hair which can transfer onto your face, so cleansing in the morning is crucial.

At night you should double cleanse, the first cleanse is to remove any makeup or grime.  This then empowers the second cleanse to remove bacteria and unwanted oils from beneath the surface of your skin.

What Cleanser Should I Use?

A cleanser won’t help your skin if it’s not suited to your skin type. If you have dry skin your cleanser should add moisture and one of the key ingredients is hyaluronic acid which is most commonly found in foaming cleansers. Hyaluronic acid is also helpful for aging skin as it reduces wrinkles and fine lines by stretching the skin.

Some people have the opposite and have oily skin, and the one of the most significant ingredients to help oily skin is glycerin which is most commonly found in balm and gel cleansers. It gives your skin a glow without looking oily and helps remove dead skin cells. If you have acne prone or sensitive skin gel cleansers are the way to go as they gently cleanse the skin without damaging your skin barrier and causing unwanted breakouts and redness.

Never skip this important skincare step, and you’ll see your skin reward you with improved clarity, balance, and radiance.

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