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MLE Technology

ATOPALM's Technology for trouble free skin.

MLE is original technology from NeoPharm that flawlessly mimics the lamellar structure of the natural skin lipids and provides the ultimate in revitalising the skin's moisture through the restoration of the protetctive barrier system. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. The special cross pattern of the MLE shows that it is identical to the lipid lamellar structure of the skin. This provides a new standard for dermatalogical science.
MLE is mild and skin friendly because the structure of plant derived ceramides,fatty acids and cholesterol is identical to that of the lipid lamellar structure of the skin. The restoration of the skins' protective moisture barrier system enables it to successfully lock in moisture and help protect the skin from environmental stresses. It is rich, non-greasy, not sticky and quickly absorbed. It soothes and calms agitated skin and softens and smoothes dry, rough skin.

  • Patents: Domestic patent registered (KR 1999-0003541),the U.S. patent technology applied (no. US6221371), and Japanese patent technology applied (no. JP38871828)
  • Clinical tests completed by Yonsei University Medical School and Chungnam University Medical School
  • Published research articles in many renowned journals including the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (JID) and the Korean Journal of Investigative Dermatology