About Atopalm

Atopalm is the optimum solution for sensitive skin to maintain trouble-free skin.

Atopalm MLE - Skin compatible protective layer

Atopalm MLE helps soothe, calm and moisturise dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin. The light non-greasy formula is easily absorbed offering gentle yet highly effective results. The patented technology creates a multi-benefit formula infused with unique ingredients to help ward off the visible signs of ageing and create great looking skin.

Atopalm MLE benefits

- Helps soothe, calm and moisturise, dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin
- Non-greasy and quickly absorbed
- Paraben free, patented technology
- Time-fighting, multi-benefit formulas infused with patented ingredients to help ward off visible signs of ageing
- Tradition and technology... gentle yet effective
- Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested

The Secret of Atopalm's Success

Atopalm is the number one brand in moisturising cosmetics, it has obtained remarkable recognition and achievements including: Patents in Korea and the United States, presentation of clinical results on world-famous societies of dermatology, endorsement by Dr. Baumann at the University of Miami one of the highest authorities in the field of American dermatology.

Atopalm is now exported globally achieving over 70 percent average annual growth. The secret of this great success lies in the fatherly love of a pioneering scientist. Dr Park needed to help his children who were suffering from atopic skin so he created Atopalm MLE.

Development of the Original Technology of MLE

Dr. Byeong-Deog Park was a researcher at Aekyung Central Research Institute in charge of novel materials development. After years of research, he succeeded in developing ceramide that makes up 55% of the stratum corneum. He then developed the novel technology that allows the ceramide to be quickly absorbed of into the skin called MLE.

After 5 years of passionate studies and spurred on by the need to help his sons condition, a remarkable moisturising cosmetic Atopalm came into the world. Dr. Byeong-Deog Park had created a truly fantastic cream, it was safe for his children and without the worrying side effects associated with conventional steroid creams.

World Class Technologies

To enhance completeness and public trust of Atopalm's MLE technology, we actively published papers in many renowned journals at home and abroad and applied for a patent to protect our invention. Atopalm's core technology ceramide and MLE have successfully secured patents in the USA and Korea the home of Atopalm.

Having passed stability tests at esteemed medical colleges such as Yonsei University and Chungnam University, and passing FDA safety testing administered by RCH. A father's love for his children has led to the development of an excellent, safe and unique skin care technology that has attained worldwide acknowledgement.

Continuing Successes of Atopalm Loved For 10 Years

Atopalm sales continue to grow year by year helping the lives of more and more people. It is being exported to ten countries including the United States, England, Australia, Russia, China, Taiwan and all boast about the new Korean technology. Dr. Baumann at the University of Miami who is one of the best authorities in dermatology praised Atopalm as the ultimate product for dry and sensitive skin in her book "Skin Type Solutions".

For Those Who Suffer From Skin Troubles

Atopalm was born from a father's love for his children and a passion for research. Based on our know-how and accumulated knowledge over the last decade, we continue studying to help create improved solutions for our various skin troubles. We are passionate about helping people who suffer from dry and sensitive skin and to protecting children's weak skin. The love and energy that gave birth to Atopalm remains strong and we will continue to develop new skin care solutions to try and help the lives of as many people as we can.